Senior Spotlight: Rocori's Ben Primus

Senior Spotlight: Rocori's Ben Primus Click to Enlarge Photo: Roseann Baisley

(KNSI) - Wrestling is one of the most physically demanding sports in all of high school athletics; it takes discipline, a strong work eithic and leadership.

This week's spotlight highlights a young man that epitomizes what it takes to not only become a great high school wrestler but what it takes to become a great person.

Ben Primus was barely able to enjoy his team's state championship in football before he had to cut some pounds off and get into wrestling shape.

In just under one week, Primus went from starting center in football, weighing in around 210 pounds, to a 195-pound wrestler.

Primus spoke with the Saturday Sports Special crew about what it takes to make the transition from offensive lineman to state entrant wrestler.

Although Primus only started wrestling in eighth grade, he racked-up 74 varsity wins, an All-Conference award at 195-pounds and was a state entrant this past season at 220-pounds.

The wins most assuredly pleased head coach Dustin Kramer but it was the way Primus conducted himself away from competition that impressed him most.

"[Ben] has been a tremendous leader in the room with his work ethic the past few years; he has been a great example for our younger wrestlers and we'll miss him a ton next season."

With a GPA near 3.9, Primus plans to attend the University of St. Thomas in the fall to study in one of their medical programs.

Primus will not continue his wrestling or football career but he will undoubtedly bring his work ethic to the classroom and any career he chooses.

Leighton Broadcasting and KNSI want to thank all the area seniors like Ben for what they have shown us throughout the years; we are truly grateful.