Senior Spotlight: Apollo's Sam Holthaus

Senior Spotlight: Apollo's Sam Holthaus Click to Enlarge Photo: Barb Holthaus

(KNSI) - When gearing up to broadcast spring sports, a few names immediately came to mind that would be great to watch and this week's spotlight shines brightly on one.

The area didn't get to see the best of Sam Holthaus yet but what everyone witnessed was a steady presence on the mound, especially in big moments for the Apollo Eagles.

Working mostly as a reliever on the mound, Holthaus pitched 10 innings, struck out 11 batters and held a 1.5 ERA.

Holding his own at the plate as well, the future Tommie held a .265 batting average off 18 hits, 15 RBI and an astounding 16 walks.

Holthaus was steady at third-base but he told the Saturday Sports Special crew how head coach Adam Savolainen would react when he would make a mistake.

Coach Savolainen knew he would never have to get after Holtaus to concentrate on the game of baseball though.

"He is one of the few kids I have had where baseball is everything. That is his only sport, and he focuses on it all year."

Future plans for Holthaus include getting ready for and attending the University of St. Thomas in the fall, where he plans to further his baseball career.

If his first major doesn't work out, Holthaus may want to think about a career in designing apparel as he helped create Apollo's new hats.

Although we never know what the future holds, we know we are in good hands with local athletes like Sam Holthaus and for that, Leighton Broadcasting and KNSI can't thank them enough.