Sabres' Athletics Receive Upgrade

Sabres' Athletics Receive Upgrade Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI Sports

(KNSI) - With the new high school ready for its students, the Sartell Sabres received a gigantic upgrade in athletic equipment as well.

Athletic Director, Ryan Hauge is thrilled with the upgrades, especially in how quickly the new gym is accessible to their various sports.

"I think as you look around, you get a sense to be in the space; I think not only being able to have so many hoops and things of that nature but also for our other sports, to have the ability for those to go up really quick and all of that to be an electronic system, I think that provides more versatility between curricular things and phys-ed and what we are doing after school."

Along with a state-of-the-art gymnasium, the Sabre Swim and Dive Team also received an upgrade that makes boys head coach Jason Anderson happy.

"We're just very, very excited to be in this new facility; we had a very, very nice pool that we had before but this one just brings it up to whole other level."

Although Anderson's favorite part of the new school is obviously the pool, he can't wait until the kids see everything.

"I'm very excited to watch the students experience this building for the first time and make it come alive."

New features of the high school also include a baseball field, soccer fields and although it does not include a new football field, head coach Scott Hentges relishes the fact the whole team gets to practice on site.

"[I'm] really excited about number-one, practicing pretty close to our own high school here and being able to practice with our ninth and tenth-graders all at the same spot."

Hauge was seemingly impressed with how the new athletic facilities came together but it was the new weight room that brought the biggest smile to his face.

"I think this is a game-changer for Sartell Athletics and time will tell now; weights don't lift themselves, we still gotta get kids in here to do that but it sure is an awfully inviting and fun space to be in."

Sartell's new high school will start classes just after Labor Day but the athletic department and its sports began to practice this week.

KNSI will be broadcasting some of Sartell's activities, including football when the Sabres host St. Cloud Tech September 13th and volleyball when they host ROCORI September 17th.

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