Rocori Spartans Win Championship

Rocori Spartans Win Championship Click to Enlarge Photo: Todd Steil

(KNSI) - The Rocori Spartans Defeated St. Paul Academy 22-21 in overtime and win the Section 4A Championship.

It was a low scoring and defensive game and neither team really outplayed each other.

St. Paul Academy's Jalen Suggs scored first early in the 1st quarter, bringing them up to a 7-0 lead.

Later in the 1st quarter, Rocori's Jack Steil ran in for a touchdown to tie the game up at 7.

In the second quarter, Rocori forced 2 turnovers but were not able to capitalize on them.

The score was tied 7-7 at halftime.

Rocori came out of halftime strong and scored on their first drive, putting them up 14-7.

In the 4th quarter, SMB tied it up early and the defense kept the game tied going into the end of regulation.

In overtime, SMB started at the 10 yard line and made it to the end zone in 3 downs. The Wolfpack scored an extra kick to make it 21-14.

Rocori responded with a touchdown on 4th and 15, and then a gutsy call from coach James Herberg paid off to go for 2 points.

Jack Steil rolled to his right and tossed it to Andrew Anderson for the win.

Quarterback Jack Steil was selected as the All Star Trophy and Awards Player of the Game. He played every single snap of the game, and rushed for 118 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Congratulations to the Rocori Spartans on a winning season!