MSHSL Shoots-Down Basketball Shot-Clock

MSHSL Shoots-Down Basketball Shot-Clock Click to Enlarge Photo: Associated Press

(KNSI) - The Minnesota State High School League held their annual year-end meeting Monday morning to mull-over various proposals that may or may not change the way sports are played in Minnesota within the next couple years.

Among the approved proposals, cross-country, soccer and volleyball will be adding a class starting in the 2021-2022 sports season.

That decision means more kids and more teams will be given the chance to go to the Minnesota State High School Championships.

Wrestling was among the sports that will be changing a bit.

Teams will now be able to enter multiple wrestlers at the same weight class in tournaments that have byes and programs 20 or fewer wrestlers will be allowed to scrimmage twice per week.

However, the committee voted against having a full consolation brackets for wrestlers that compete individually at the state tournament.

Accepted proposals were overshadowed by the MSHSL's board to decline adding a shot-clock to basketball.

Although only eight states use the shot-clock in high school basketball, John Millea had a theory as to why people wanted to make the change.

"It's a hot topic; everybody who watches the NBA or college basketball is used to a shot-clock. One argument people make is that we are not training high school basketball players to be ready for college."

One of the main reasons the proposal failed was due to the money involved in providing a shot-clock for schools but Millea thinks if more research was done, schools would think differently.

"The coaches in my estimation haven't done the legwork there to get these athletic directors and school boards on board; they need them to be behind anything that they want the high school league board to approve."

Along with the shot-clock, the board voted against adding a third class to both boys and girls tennis and also elected not to change the dance team format for for how teams make it to state.

The board also elected Bonnie Spohn Schmaltz as President, Blaine Novak as Vice President and Tom Jerome as their treasurer for the 2019-2020 season.

According to Millea, the MSHSL board meets six times per year but this one was "pretty big."

The full conversation with John Millea of the MSHSL and other local sports talk can be heard right here.

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