Local Wrestling Wrap-Up

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Local Wrestling Wrap-Up

December , 2017

We are back for the fifth season with the same teams. From the Central Lakes Conference we will have: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers; St. Cloud Apollo Eagles and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference; Albany Huskies, Becker Bulldogs and the Foley Falcons. From the Park Region Conference the Royalton/Uspala Royals and from the Central Minnesota Conference the Eden Valley Watkins Eagles.

Will bring you the individual results of the duals and Individual tournaments of all ten teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings. You can get more of your wrestling news and results at www.theguillotine.com and more info on our local teams on my blog site: https://minnesotamatrats.wordpress.com for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season. (Note all individuals results of duals are bellow)

SPECIAL NOTE: Congratulations goes out to Mitch Trigg 12th Grade Foley 285 pounds. He won his 100th Career Match at the quadrangular last Friday evening. Mitch is not only a outstanding wrestler, but a great student and a gentleman. He takes the time to show a bit of a sense of humor on some occasions.


The Falcons played host to the No. 4AAA ranked St. Michael-Albertville, No. 2AA ranked Simley and hard to believe unranked Bemidji in AAA. The Falcons dropped their first dual to STMA 39-17, they dropped a pair of close matches, that they were winning in the last seconds of the matches. In their second dual, they were upset by unranked Bemidji 34-30 in a great dual, they split the matches at seven apiece. The third and final match was against their rivals the Spartans of Simley. They dropped this dual by 35-34, again splitting the matches at seven apiece. A highlight in the Simley dual, Mitch Trigg @ 285 won his 100th career match. Mitch Trigg @ 285 and John Dierkes @ 138 both went 3-0, Levi Jacobson @ 106 and Nathan Garceau @ 120 both were 2-1 and Mitch Rothfork 152 and Justin Henry @ 182 were both 2-0. The Falcons fans were hoping for a better night in terms of wins vs. losses, but the Falcons had three good battles, with three very good teams. The Falcons are still minus a couple of starters and there will be some shuffling of weights, look for a rematch between the Spartans and the Falcons down the road.


The Tigers dropped a big Section 8AAA dual to Central Lakes Conference and No. 5AAA ranked rivals the Willmar Cardinals. They won five of the fourteen matches for a 45-23 final score. The Tigers were without a couple of their starters, so with a little different lineup, giving different matches. They hope to have a rematch in the section finals with their rivals the Cardinals.


The Bulldogs defeated three foes at the Dassel Cokato “Charger” duals with a big win over a pair of Section 6AA rivals. They defeated AA Lean And Mean Annandale/Maple Lake 38-29, as they won eight of the fourteen matches. They beat the host Dassel Cokato 41-24, as they won nine of the fourteen matches. They defeated Section 4A foe Norwood Young America 60-12, as they won eleven of the fourteen matches. Lukas Paulson @ 126, Braden Weber @ 182, Nicholas Radunz @ 285 were all 3-0 and Blake Paulson @ 145/152, Jacob Berning @ 152/160, Ethan Anderson @ 106, Kevin Andres @ 138/145 and Logan Jurek @ 160/170 at the Dassel Cokato quad.


The Storm went 1-2 at the Brainerd “Warriors” Quadrangular, with a big win over Section 8AAA foe Moorhead 45-32, they won eight of the fourteen matches. They dropped duals to Section 8AAA rivals; Little Falls 33-46, they won six of the fourteen matches and to Brainerd 41-33, they won six of fourteen matches. Jared Spohn @ 120 and Andrew Syvertson @ 195 both went 3-0, Andrew Wollack @ 113 went 2-0 and Peyton Olson @ 106, Ben Gilberston @ 126, Jacob Ackerman @ 152/160 and Ben Konz @ 220/285 all went 2-1 at the Brainerd quadrangular. They had a big win. The Storm are without one of the their top two wrestlers, due to injured. The are hoping he is back after the holidays, one more match with have given them a seven match split in the Little Falls and Brainerd duals.


The Huskies Split duals at their triangular, they defeated their Granite Ridge Conference rivals Mora 39-33, they split matches at seven apiece. They dropped a dual to Section 7AA Lean and Mean foe Princeton 42-28, they won six of the fourteen matches. Logan Wenzel and Gabe Zierden were both 2-0 at the Huskies triangular.


The Royals split their duals at their triangular, hosted at Upsala, they defeated Eden Valley-Watkins 51-27, they won nine of the fourteen matches. They dropped a dual Class A Lean and Mean Section 4A foe Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 40-26, winning six of the fourteen matches. Jason Kasella @ 220/285, Jackson Held @ 160, Damion Theisen @ 145, Phillip Kroll @ 152 and Lyle Zimmerman @ 170 all went 2-0 at their triangular.


The Eagles dropped three duals at their home quadrangular, they dropped a dual to Granite Ridge foe Milaca 58-21, in a four/ten match split. They lost to Section 7A foe Ogilvie 48-30; five/eight match split and AAA Alexandria 64-6. Carlos Agee @ 285 went 2-0, Trevor Schroeder @ 120, Keon McCray @ 170, Isaac Erickson-Thoemke @ 182 all went 2-1 at their quad.


The Eagles dropped a pair of duals to Section 4A foe Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 61-9 and to Section 7A foe Royalton/Upsala 51-27. Zach Nistler @ 138 was the lone Eagle wrestler to go 2-0.


Friday December 22nd

Simley 35 Foley 34

106 Levi Jacobson (FOL) Maj. Dec. Jessie Kounlabout (SIM) 16-4

113 Zach Miller (SIM) Dec. Dylan Lowthian (FOL) 4-1

120 Nathan Garceau (FOL) Won by Forfeit

126 Cael Berg (SIM) Maj. Dec. Logan Thorsten (STMA) 21-9

132 Jake Gliva (SIM) Fall Cameron Kowitz (FOL) 5:27

138 Mark Dierkes (FOL) Fall Unknown (SIM) 3:23

145 John Dierkes (FOL) Fall Luis Fierro (SIM) 1:50

152 Nolan Wanzek (SIM) Fall Sutherlin Schmit (FOL) 3:32

160 Quayin Short (SIM) Maj. Dec. Connor Thorsten (FOL) 14-9

170 Jacob Hageman (SIM) Fall Logan Kipka (FOL)

182 Justin Henry (FOL) Dec. Freddy Rivera (SIM) 7-1

195 Hunter Gorecki (FOL) Dec. Travis Dahmen (SIM) 6-2

220 Daniel Kerkvliet (SIM) Fall Carter Svihla (FOL) :40

285 Mitch Trigg (FOL) Fall Luke Zaiser (SIM) 1:27

Bemidji 34 Foley 30

106 Levi Jacobson (FOL) Won by Forfeit

113 Seth Newby (BEM) Fall Dylan Lowthian (FOL) 4:41

120 Nathan Garceau (FOL) Dec. Bryce Golden (BEM) 1-0

126 Joe Hudson (BEM) Dec. Logan Thorsten (FOL) 8-6

132 Cameron Kowitz (FOL) Dec. Darren Roth (BEM) 14-7

138 Jon Solum (BEM) Fall Michael Rothfork (FOL) 5:32

145 John Dierkes (FOL) Dec. Nate Golden (BEM) 3-1 OT

152 Mitch Rothfork (FOL) Dec. Alan Wouri (BEM) 7-2

160 Connor Thorsten (FOL) Fall Colton Hinrichs (BEM) 2:56

170 Chance Hinrichs (BEM) Maj. Dec. Logan Kipka (FOL) 14-4

182 Nic Geiger (BEM) Dec. Justin Henry (FOL) 10-4

195 Peter Moen (BEM) Fall Hunter Gorecki (FOL) 1:50

220 Hunter Schoenborn (BEM) Fall Carter Svihla (FOL) 4:40

285 Mitch Trigg (FOL) Fall Kaleb Beam (BEM) :38

STMA 39 Foley 17

106 Johnny Misna (STMA) Dec. Levi Jacobson (FOL) 6-3

113 Cole Becker (STMA) Maj. Dec. Dylan Lowthian (FOL) 14-4

120 Brandon Psyk (STMA) Dec. Nathan Garceau (FOL) 6-5

126 Nathan Nygaard (STMA) Maj. Dec. Logan Thorsten (FOL) 11-2

132 Patrick McKee (STMA) Maj. Dec. Cameron Kowitz (FOL) 18-4

138 Dylan Hanson (STMA) Dec. Michael Rothfork (FOL) 6-4 OT

145 John Dierkes (FOL) Maj. Dec. Kyle Elkie (STMA) 9-0

152 Mitch Rothfork (FOL) Maj. Dec. Hayden LeMonds (STMA) 12-0

160 Carl Leuer (STMA) Maj. Dec. Connor Thorsten (FOL) 13-4

170 Wyatt LIdberg (STMA) Tech. Fall Logan Kipka (FOL) 5:59

182 Justin Henry (FOL) Dec. Gabe Anderson (STMA) 4-1

195 Nolan Schmitz (STMA) Fall Hunter Gorecki (FOL) 3:08

220 Cole Jann (STMA) Dec. Carter Svihla (FOL) 3-2

285 Mitch Trigg (FOL) Fall Allen Winters (STMA) 2:55

Willmar 45 Saint Cloud Tech 23

Friday December 22nd

106 Caden Carlson (WIL) Fall Nick Haman (SCT) 2:29

113 Harley Anez (WIL) all Cody Brett (SCT) 2:34

120 Jonas Anez (WIL) Won by Forfeit

126 Luka Rajkic (SCT) Dec. Josh Miley (WIL) 6-2

132 Israel Navarro (WIL) Fall Drevion Hemingway (SCT) 1:07

138 Clay Carlson (WIL) Fall Jack Latterell (SCT :41

145 Cael Carlson (WIL) Fall Tyler Zachman (SCT) 1:50

152 Dallas Hooper (SCT) Fall Grant Deegan (WIL) :57

160 Austin Brenner (SCT) Maj. Dec. Bryce Erickson (WIL) 16-3

170 Ethan Roux (WIL) Dec. Jayden Sundstrom (SCT) 7-1

182 Lincoln Shinn (WIL) Graham Nistler (SCT) 4-2 OT

195 Drew Kiffmeyer (SCT) Maj. Dec. Josiah Swanson (WIL) 13-4

220 Andrew Reigstad (WIL) Dec. Isaiah Green (SCT) 9-3

285 Aaron Voigt (SCT) Fall Howard Zuniga (WIL) 2:20


Thursday December 21

Becker 38 Annandale/Maple Lake 29

106 Ethan Anderson (BEC) Tech. Fall Carson Cooper (AN/ML)

113 Adam Jurek (BEC) Fall Zach Schmidt (AN/ML) 1:35

120 Jake Nelson (BEC) Won by Forfeit

126 Lukas Paulson (BEC) Fall Trevor Wilson (AN/ML) :41

132 Quinn Youngs (AN/ML) Maj. Dec. Kylen Rish (AN/ML) 13-4

138 Kevin Andres (BEC Dec. Jack Klug (AN/ML) 10-6

145 Hunter Manka (AN/ML) Dec. Blake Paulson (BEC) 4-1

152 Adam Neuman (AN/ML) Maj. Dec. Jacob Berning (BEC) 14-2

160 Logan Jurek (BEC) Dec. Logan Arnold (AN/ML) 6-1

170 Walker Weege (AN/ML) Fall Connor Eickhoff (BEC) :46

182 Brayden Weber (BEC) Dec. Mitch Bergstrom (AN/ML) 6-3

195 Reed Rasset (AN/ML) Fall Reid Tripp (AN/ML) 1:01

220 Cuyler Helwig (AN/ML) Fall Nicholas Goth (BEC) 1:02

285 Nicholas Radunz (BEC) Fall Josh Lanctot (AN/ML) :17

Becker 41 Dassel Cokato 24

106 Ethan Anderson (BEC) Dec. Sam Marx (DC) 3-1

113 Mason Doucett (BEC) Won by Forfeit

120 Jude Link (DC) Dec. Jake Nelson (BEC) 5-2

126 Lukas Paulson (BEC) Fall Ben Zobel (DC) 3:06

132 Noah Halonen (DC) Full Jacob Jurek (BEC) 2:54

138 Preston Bradley (DC) Dec. Caden Dewall (BEC) 8-6

145 Kevin Andres (BEC) Maj. Dec. Jake Selseth (DC) 12-1

152 Blake Paulson (BEC) Dec. Cade Anderson (DC) 2-0

160 Jacob Berning (BEC) Fall Christian Johnson (DC) :38

170 Logan Jurek (BEC) Dec. Landon Smith (DC) 4-1

182 Brayden Weber (BEC) Maj. Dec. Jack Zobel (DC) 9-1

195 Jacob Schmit (DC) Fall Reid Tripp (BEC) 1:37

220 Blake Snyder (DC) Fall Nicholas Goth (BEC) 1:18

285 Nicholas Radunz (BEC) Fall Payton Duske (DC) 1:05

Becker 60 Norwood Young America 12

106 Mason Doucett (BEC) Won by Forfeit

113 Tyson Ricker (BEC) Won by Forfeit

120 Bennett Edling (BEC) Fall Blake Kimpling (NYA) 2:47

126 Lukas Paulson (BEC) Won by Forfeit

132 Josh Lord (NYA) Dec. Kylen Rish (BEC) 4-0

138 Caden Dewall (BEC) Dec. Jared Kleindl (NYA) 4-0

145 Blake Paulson (BEC) Dec. Bryce Homan (NYA) 8-3

152 Jacob Berning (BEC) Won by Forfeit

160 Joe Hennen (NYA) Dec. Connor Eickhoff (BEC) 9-6

170 Lincoln Carlson (BEC) Won by Forfeit

182 Bradyn Weber (BEC) Won by Forfeit

195 Reid Tripp (BEC) Won by Forfeit

220 Sam Meeker (NYA) Fall Nicholas Goth (BEC) 3:21

285 Nicholas Radunz (BEC) Won by Forfeit


Thursday December 21st

Sauk Rapids/Rice 45 Moorhead 32

106 Peyton Olson (SRR) Tech. Fall Evan Frankhanel (MHD)

113 Dante Haywood (SRR) Won by Forfeit

120 Jared Spohn (SRR) Fall Ryan Luthi (MHD) :59

126 Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) Maj. Dec. Carson Zimmel (MHD) 13-2

132 Cole Ackerman (SRR) Fall Xander Risdal (MHD) 3:49

138 Tyler Gobermatz (MHD) Dec. Jacob Kruger (SRR) 6-3

145 Brady Behrens (MHD) Fall Bryce Warner (SRR) 3:43

152 Kolbe Booker (MHD) Fall Matt Krepp (SRR) 2:54

160 Jacob Ackerman (SRR) Fall Hayden Netland (MHD) 2:57

170 Jacob Larson (MHD) Tech. Fall Marcus Santillana (SRR)

182 Chase Beadle (MHD) Fall Joey Hoeschen (SRR) 2:28

195 Andrew Syvertson (SRR) Fall Deion Larry (MHD) :49

220 Landon Berry (MHD) Fall Gage Donovan (SRR) 2:27

285 Ben Konz (SRR) Won by Forfeit

Little Falls 46 Sauk Rapids/Rice 33

106 Peyton Olson (SRR) Fall Calvin Sherwood (LF) 3:30

113 Andrew Wollak (SRR) Won by Forfeit

120 Jared Spohn (SRR) Fall Kole Kern (LF) 3:16

126 Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) Fall Trent Krupke (LF) 1:17

132 Leo Wilczek (LF) Fall Cole Ackerman (SRR) 1:20

138 Dakota Kern (LF) Maj. Dec. Jacob Kruger (SRR) 15-3

145 Gabe Nagel (LF) Fall Bryce Warner (SRR) 1:18

152 Jacob Ackerman (SRR) Dec. Dylan Finch (LF) 6-0

160 Simon Bryce (LF) Fall Matt Krepp (SRR) 1:27

170 Tony Winkleman (LF) Fall Marcus Santillana (SRR) 2:57

182 Grant Litke (LF) Won by Forfeit

195 Andrew Syvertson (SRR) Fall Sam Nagel (LF) 5:45

220 Luke Venske (LF) Fall Gage Donovan (SRR) 1:40

285 Ryan Graves (LF) Fall Ben Konz (SRR) 1:39

Brainerd 41 Sauk Rapids/Rice 33

106 Atlie Danielson (BRD) Fall Peyton Olson (SRR) 3:52

113 Andrew Wollak (SRR) Won by Forfeit

120 Jared Spohn (SRR) Dec. Chad Orsburn (BRD) 8-6

126 Denny Busbey (BRD) Maj. Dec. Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) 12-4

132 Kyle Patnode (BRD) Maj. Dec. Jacob Kruger (SRR) 8-0

138 Brad Patnode (BRD) Fall Cole Ackerman (SRR) 1:09

145 Max Boran (BRD) Fall Bryce Warner (SRR) 1:11

152Tommy Fickett (BRD) Dec. Jacob Ackerman (SRR) 5-3

160 Braden Kramer (BRD) Fall Matt Krepp (SRR) 3:14

170 Marcus Santillana (SRR) Fall Caleb Kramer (BRD) :30

182 Nathan Remick (BRD) Won by Forfeit

195 Andrew Syvertson (SRR) Fall Morgan Gibson (BRD) 3:40

220 Ben Konz (SRR) Fall Fletcher DeRosier (BRD) 1:02

285 Gage Donovan (SRR) Won by Forfeit


Tuesday December 19th

Albany 39 Mora 33

106 Conner Gemahl (MOR) Fall Declan Crumley (ALB) 3:48

113 Conner Winkels (ALB) Fall Trevor Thielen (MOR) 2:56

120 Dustin Schmitt (ALB) Dec. Cody Haggberg (MOR) 6-2

126 William Mergen (ALB) Fall Cole Shodin (MOR) 6-2

132 Ryan Nosbush (MOR) Won by Forfeit

138 Jordan Lindquist (MOR) Dec. Javier Solis (ALB) 4-1

145 Logan Wenzel (ALB) Fall Parker Voss (MOR) :37

152 Austin Voss (MOR) Fall Owen Meyer (ALB) 3:14

160 Jon Smith (MOR) Dec. Logan Kittelson (ALB) 4-2

170 Danny Schroeder (MOR) Dec. Austin Olmscheid (ALB) 7-4

182 Andrew Keintop (MOR) all Riley Rakotz (ALB) 3:58

195 Gabe Zierden (ALB) Fall Max Anderson (MOR) 1:27

220 Carter Fish (ALB) Fall Tanner Grangruth (MOR) 3:26

285 Marvin Stang (ALB) Fall Sam Udstuen (MOR) :25

Princeton 42 Albany 28

106 Parker Adkins (PR) Fall Declan Crumley (ALB) 5:05

113 Lauden Parent (PR) Fall Connor Winkels (ALB) :38

120 Zach Wells (PR) Fall Dustin Schmitt (ALB) 5:23

126 Kaleb Adkins (PR) Dec. William Mergen (ALB) 8-7

132 Zach Marschll (PR) Fall Javier Solis (ALB) 4:38

138 Malaki Kolhoff (PR) Fall Tate Hunter (ALB) 1:43

145 Logan Wenzel (ALB) Dec. Josh Meyer (PR) 9-4

152 Owen Meyer (ALB) Dec. Josh Fuller (PR) 10-5

160 Logan Kittelson (ALB) Fall Jacob Chase (PR) 1:25

170 Austin Olmscheid (ALB) Maj. Dec. Charles Foster (PR) 11-2

182 Riley Rakotz (ALB) Won by Forfeit

195 Gabe Zierden (ALB) Won by Forfeit

220 Justin Zahner (PR) Fall Carter Fish (ALB) :53

285 Colton Hellman (PR) Dec. Marvin Stang (ALB) 4-3


Thursday December 21st

Milaca-Faith Christian 58 St. Cloud Apollo 21

106 Tanyon Black (MIL) Won by Forfeit

113 Zach Salgren (MIL) Won by Forfeit

120 Trevor Schroeder (SCA) Dec. William Danilyuk (MIL) 8-4

126 Tyler Hawker (MIL) Maj. Dec. Brett Kayfes (SCA) 10-1

132 Jon Hall (MIL) Won by Forfeit

138 Garrett Hall (MIL) Won by Forfeit

145 Moses Danilyuk (MIL) Fall John Thomas (SCA) 1:25

152 Ian Hanson (MIL) Won by Forfeit

160 Gage Thomas-Ferry (MIL) Won by Forfeit

170 Keon McCray (SCA) Fall Trent Smith (MIL) 5:02

182 Isaac Erickson-Thoemke (SCA) Fall Ben Hanson (MIL) 5:59

195 Bodee Zens (MIL) Fall Nick Gill (SCA) 2:31

220 Craig Santema (MIL) Fall Zach Willard (SCA) 2:33

285 Carlos Agee (SCA) Fall Brody Ash (MIL) 5:37

Ogilvie 48 St. Cloud Apollo 30

106 Rhett Hudoba (OG) Fall Donny Schroeder (SCA) 3:47

113 Chad Baumann (OG) Won by Forfeit

120 Trevor Schroeder (SCA) Fall Kaitlyn Kehoe (OG) 1:10

126 Braden Ryan (OG) Fall Jordan Fretty (SCA) :27

132 Beau Burk (OG) Fall Ashton Brandner (SCA) 1:41

138 Ethan Warren (OG) Fall Mahamat Hussein (SCA) :45

145 Matthew Warren (OG) Fall John Thomas (SCA) 1:02

152 Brady Harlan (OG) Won by Forfeit

160 Double Forfeit

170 Keon McCray (SCA) Fall Riley Lambert (OG) :10

182 Isaac Erickson-Thoemke (SCA) Won by Forfeit

195 Nick Gill (SCA) Fall Gavin McLevis (OG) :16

220 Alex Chidester (OG) Fall Zach Willard (SCA) :21

285 Hunter Haupert (SCA) Won by Forfeit

Alexandria 64 St. Cloud Apollo 6

106 Ryan Borris (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

113 Kelly Johnson (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

120 Adam Kremer (ALEX) Maj. Dec. Trevor Schroeder (SCA) 10-0

126 AJ Sparr (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

132 Kyler Miller (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

138 Tate Runge (ALEX) Dec. John Thomas (SCA) 4-0

145 Double Forfeit

152 Logan Runge (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

160 Tyler Kleindl (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

170 Chandler Cole (ALEX) Fall Keon McCray (SCA) 3:39

182 Joe Brezina (ALEX) Dec. Isaac Erickson-Thoemke (SCA) 5-2

195 Titus Chamberlin (ALEX) Fall Nick Gill (SCA) 2:00

220 Deryk Neu (ALEX) Fall Zach Willard (SCA) :26

285 Carlos Agee (SCA) Fall Connor Lay (ALEX) 2:07


@ Upsala Thursday December 21st

Royalton/Upsala 51 Eden Valley-Watkins 27

106 Will Gorecki (R/U) Dec. Teagan Ludwig (EVW) 12-6

113 Gavin Mathies (EVW) Fall Max Lange (R/U) 3:07

120 Sam Nistler (EVW) Fall Hunter Nowitzki (R/U) 1:11

126 Jacob Leibold (R/U) Won by Forfeit

132 Taylor Ludwig (EVW) Fall Gabe Gorecki (R/U) :52

138 Zach Nistler (EVW) Dec. Brady Conrad (R/U) 8-4

145 Damion Theisen (R/U) Fall Trevyn Ludwig (EVW) 4:53

152 Philip Kroll (R/U) Won by Forfeit

160 Jackson Held (R/U) Won by Forfeit

170 Lyle Zimmerman (R/U) Won by Forfeit

182 Marshall Meehl (R/U) Fall Jack Bates (EVW) :54

195 Dalton Louden (R/U) Won by Forfeit

220 Ethan Kay (EVW) Fell Aaron Block (R/U) 2:40

285 Jason Kasella (R/U) Fall Peyton Thul (EVW) :35

Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 40 Royalton/Upsala 26

106 Brady Holien (ACGC) Fall Will Gorecki (R/U) 1:24

113 Kelvin Ponce (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

120 Jake Mortensen (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

126 Ramzee Molinaro (ACGC) Dec. Jacob Leibold (R/U) 4-2 OT

132 Hayden Straumann (ACGC) Dec. Wyatt Lahr (R/U) 7-2

138 Brady Conrad (R/U) Dec. Skye Powers (ACGC) 9-3

145 Damion Theisen (R/U) Maj. Dec. Jaxon Behm (ACGC) 12-3

152 Phillip Kroll (R/U) Won by Forfeit

160 Jackson Held (R/U) Maj. Dec Levi Lund (ACGC) 9-1

170 Lyle Zimmerman (R/U) Dec. Taylor Fester (ACGC) 14-8

182 CJ. Toedter (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Marshall Meehl (R/U) 11-2

195 Logan Sherwood (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

220 Jason Kasella (R/U) Fall Tanner Berghuis (ACGC) 1:44

285 John Behm (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 61 Eden Valley-Watkins 9

106 Brady Holien (ACGC) Fall Teagan Ludwig (EVW) 1:11

113 Kelvin Ponce (ACGC) Fall Gavin Mathies (EVW) 2:44

120 Jake Mortenson (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Sam Nistler (EVW) 9-1

126 Ramzee Molinaro (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

132 Hayden Straumann (ACGC) Dec. Taylor Ludwig (EVW) 8-4

138 Zach Nistler (EVW) Dec. Skye Powers (ACGC) 6-2

145 Trevyn Ludwig (EVW) Fall Jaxon Behm (ACGC) 1:29

152 Double Forfeit

160 Taylor Festor (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

170 Levi Lund (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

182 CJ Toedter (ACGC) Fall Jack Bates (EVW) 1:11

195 Logan Sherwood (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

220 Tanner Berguis (ACGC) Fall Ethan Kay (EVW) 1:31

285 Jordan Schultz (ACGC) Fall Peyton Thul (EVW) :47


December 22

St. Cloud Tech AAA Lean and Mean

Alex Kern 132 pounds No. 9

Dallas Hooper 145 pounds No. 10

Austin Brenner 160 pounds No. 3

Isaiah Green 220 pounds No. 10

Jackson Penk Sartell/St. Stephen 126 pounds No. 3

Cole Fibranz Sartell/St. Stephen 220 pounds No. 1

Gunnar Feldhege Rocori 152 pounds No. 6

Foley No. 4AA

Nathan Garceau 113 pounds No. 2

Cameron Kowitz 132 pounds No. 10

Saylor Schmit 195 pounds No. 1

Mitch Trigg 285 pounds No. 1

Gabe Zierden, Albany 182 pounds No. 3

Wyatt Mergen, Albany 220 pounds No. 10

Class A

Jason Kasella Royalton/Upsala 220 pounds No. 2

Jackson Held Royalton/Upsala 152 pounds No. 4

Matt Schindler Eden Valley-Watkins 152 pounds No. 3



Dates; Thursday/Friday December 28th/29th

Teams (60 plus) Fargo Dome

Area Teams: Foley, St. Cloud Tech. Sartell/St. Stephen and Rocori

Start Times; 10:00 AM Thursday/9:00 AM Friday

ROGERS “Royal Rumble” Invitational

Friday December 29th

Start Time: 8:00

Teams: Becker, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Champlin Park, Chanhassen, Chaska, Holdingford, Kimball Area, Minneapolis Roosevelt, Monticello, Osseo, Park Center, Patrick Henry, Princeton, Proctor, Richfield, St Thomas Academy, Winona Senior, Zimmerman

Roger Mischke

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