Cathedral Falls On Senior Night

Cathedral Falls On Senior Night Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News


The Crusaders had a lot of momentum coming into this game with a big win over Albany earlier in the week.

Mora kept the game competitive and were answering all of the Crusader's shots.

There were a lot of missed shots however as the first half was very defensive and low scoring.

Cathedral led by 4 points, 23-19 at halftime.

In the second half, Mora got into foul trouble early which hampered them throughout the rest of the game.

Late in the half however, Mora started knocking down big shots, and the Crusaders were playing sloppy basketball and turning the ball over.

Mora tied the game up with 2 minutes to play.

Within the last 30 seconds, Mora knocked down their free throws to put the game out of range.

The final score was 57-53 in favor of Mora.

Cathderal's Andrew Weisser was selected as the All Star Trophy and Awards Player of the Game with 15 points and a steal.

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