Cathedral defeats Albany in overtime

Cathedral defeats Albany in overtime Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI Sports

(KNSI) - The Cathedral Crusaders defeated the Albany Huskies 63-56 in overtime on Tuesday night.

It was a rivalry battle between two very good teams.

The first half was very fast paced with several lead changes. Cathedral managed a layup near the buzzer to keep themselves within scoring distance heading into halftime.

Albany led Cathedral 31-29 at halftime.

The second half played out the same way, with Albany's defense trying to stop the high powered offense of Cathedral.

In the final minutes, the home crowd played a factor in Cathedral getting momentum and making some big plays to keep the game close.

At the buzzer, the game was tied 56-56 and went into overtime.

In overtime, Cathedral kept their late game momentum going and Albany could not keep up with them.

The final score was 63-56 in favor of Cathedral.

Cathedral's Mitchell Plombon had 24 points, and Michael Schaefer had 22.

Albany's Adam Winkels had 11 points, and Jordan Schiffler had 10.

Mitchell Plombon was selected as the All Star Trophy and Awards player of game.

Highlight: Mitchell Plombon with a layup to put the Crusaders in the lead late in the second half.