All-Star Trophy Player Of The Week; Chang Hoth

All-Star Trophy Player Of The Week; Chang Hoth Click to Enlarge Photo: Sandy Hackenmueller

(KNSI) - When teams start their season with six-straight wins, most start to pay attention as to why the team has started so hot.

When looking at an Apollo Eagles Boys Basketball Team that has rattled-off six-straight wins, it is easy to see much of their success is due to the play of Chang Hoth.

Hoth has started the 2019 season averaging 22 points per game and is shooting an astounding 48.7-percent from beyond the three-point arc.

In the first game against Princeton, Hoth scored a career high 37 points and tied an Apollo record for three-pointer made in a single game with seven.

Obviously, the points certainly help Apollo win games but it's Hoth's ability to affect both sides of the ball that impresses KNSI's play-by-play announcer, Barry Hein the most.

"[Hoth's] long, athletic and has good ball skills which, when he's humming, pay dividends on both ends of the floor."

When Hoth is "humming" defenses have to attempt to double-team him and that's where the rest of the Eagles' team tends to take over.

When attempting to bottle-up the talented senior, most teams have not had much success thus far in 2019.

KNSI's color analyst, Gabe Anderson attributes Hoth's success to his ability to take what defenses will give to him.

"He's a versatile player who can hurt you down low or off the dribble."

Hoth and Eagles now take a break until they host the Granite City Classic December 26th-28th.

Apollo's first game of the tournament is December 26th at 7:15 p.m. against North St. Paul.

Congratulations, Chang and good luck to you and the Apollo Eagles Boys Basketball Team the rest of this season and beyond!

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