Rush Limbaugh

Weekdays from 11am - 2pm

The Rush Limbaugh Show on KNSI Radio

The Rush Limbaugh Show can be heard on over 600 radio stations across the country. It is the most listened to radio program in America. Rush has been on-air since 1988 and is the leading conservative talk program in the nation.

He is the self-appointed "America's Anchorman," The Doctor of Democracy, America's Truth Detector, El Rushbaugh and the Most Dangerous Man in America.

Rush Limbaugh broadcasts from his golden microphone on the EIB (Excellence in Broadcasting) Network. His show is a mix of parody and thought-provoking discussion. He takes a "no interviews" approach to radio. It's just him and his callers exchanging views on the hottest political topics currently effecting our nation.

The Rush Limbaugh show is funny, tongue-in-cheek, insightful and raucous. Rush Limbaugh's pomp and circumstance delivery makes this show highly entertaining.

Also tune in to the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update weekdays at 5:55am and 7:55 am for a laser-focused commentary on what is happening in the world today.