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Bob Hughes on KNSI Radio

Bob Hughes began his love affair with broadcasting “Where the Prairie Meets the Pines” (which of course is Fosston, MN) in the late 70’s, and has also surfed the airwaves in Brainerd, Duluth, Rochester, Bismarck, and the past 7 + years right here in St. Cloud.

It is a return trip to Leighton Broadcasting, as he spent few years here in the early 80’s with KCLD-FM.
“Things were a bit different then,” he recalls. “The first song I played when I went on the air then was Blackfoot’s “Train, Train”.

On vinyl. The big record with the small hole. 33 1/3 rpm. LP. Heady days for radio.

Bob and his wife Barb have celebrated 30+ wedding anniversaries together (“She qualified for Sainthood at 30!”), and they’ve been blessed with three amazing daughters.

In turn, those daughters have brought 7 grandchildren into their lives.

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