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Barry on KNSI Radio

I was born and grew up in De Smet, SD. A small town of about 1500 people at the time, it allowed me to think I was cooler than I really was. I knew the Mayor, no big deal. I was an active kid who got into a lot of trouble, although not nearly as much as I should have as I proved quite slippery. I won't go into that any further for fear of possible longer statute of limitations than I realize. I played a lot of sports in high school and continued my football playing, to a certain degree, at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD.

That first year didn't go well, partly because they wanted me to go to class after being out all night every night. Ok, not so much partly as completely. I just had a busy schedule of continuing to think I was way cooler than I actually was. I had this funny feeling they were going to ask me to leave so I took a semester off and transferred to Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD. A smaller school it allowed me to have more access to Professors when I needed.

I was on the campus radio station as Johnny Bravo, my first radio name. During my four years there I was also Pete Schonkey and Marty Zellar. Radio guys sometimes have weird names. I worked at a Classic Rock Station for a year as well, again as Marty Zellar. The smaller school coupled with the fact I actually finally pulled my head out lead to me receiving my broadcasting degree. Then I moved to Minneapolis to look for a radio job in the real world.

I finally found one on KNSI's sister station, 104-7 KCLD, working weekends. Once in St. Cloud I started my career in earnest. During my five years here (2001-2006) I also started working on Dan "The Ox" Ochsner's morning talk show. That was short lived as I got a job offer with Leighton Broadcasting's Grand Forks cluster of stations. I went there and was on all 5 radio stations. I worked in the newsroom, programmed and worked mornings on a classic country station, worked afternoons on a classic rock station, and was on our talk station there among other duties. I was in Grand Forks for three years and decided to go back to South Dakota to be near my family. I was in Watertown, SD for two years in the newsroom and on our talk station in the afternoons as well as broadcasting a variety of sports.

Then a call came from Dan Ochsner to possibly come back and work on a new afternoon show he would be hosting. After I said, "Dan who? And you do what"? It got awkward for a minute. Then I just said sure because he seemed so hurt. Just kidding, that's not how it really happened...or is it? So here I am on 2-5 afternoon's as producer for "Ox in the Afternoon" on AM 1450/FM 99.3 KNSI.