Winter Storm Wasn't As Bad As Predicted

Winter Storm Wasn't As Bad As Predicted Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI) - The weekend winter storm wasn't as bad as forecasters first predicted for the St. Cloud area.

Meteorologists Tyler Hasenstein with the National Weather Service in Chanhassen says the numbers aren't official yet.

"Based on reports from both the public and our official sources, the St. Cloud area and Central Minnesota were generall in the four to the six-inch range, and then that increases quite rapidly as you head northward."

That counts for all precipitation from Friday through Sunday. Officials were predicting 12 inches or more of snow.

Cities as close as Brained ended up with more than a foot of snow. Duluth saw more than 20 inches of snowfall.

He says Tuesday through Wednesday's snowfall dropped more snow on St. Cloud at 6.5 inches.

"Generally, the event before was just a pure snow event, whereas this last one we had that mixture that kept us from seeing those significant snow totals, especially in Central and Southern Minnesota."

Hasenstein says the temperature will get up into the low 30s this week, melting a little of the snowpack, but he expects to see snow on the ground from now until spring.

At this point, meteorologists say it doesn't look like St. Cloud won't get any significant snowfall for a couple of weeks.

St. Cloud has gotten 40.27 inches of precipitation so far this year, making it the second wettest year in the city's history.

That number doesn't include the moisture level from the latest snowfall. Hasenstein says after the water content is counted, it should put St. Cloud very close to the record but probably won't break it.

There are still 29 days left to go in 2019.

The wettest year was 41.01 inches of precipitation, which fell in 1897.