What You Can and Cannot Do Under the New Hands Free Law

What You Can and Cannot Do Under the New Hands Free Law Click to Enlarge Photo: Pixabay

(KNSI) - We're just two weeks away from the new hands free law in Minnesota. Attorney Mike Bryant of Bradshaw and Bryant was a guest of KNSI's Dan Terhaar and he says hands free means exactly that.

"People won't be driving with it up to their ear, you won't be able to have it in your hand, you definitely won't be able to text. It will be clear. You can't have your phone in your hands while you're driving, and that includes at stoplights."

It is already illegal to text and drive in Minnesota, but the new law will also ban actively scrolling to select music, looking up an address on GPS, read or send and email or place a call unless you have hands free technology.

There are some exceptions to the new law including if it is an emergency and you're dialing 911.

Bryant says to place any other type of call or use your phone "you'll have to pull over, take yourself away from driving the car. Then you can do what you want with your phone like normal, but when you're driving, you have to drive, listen to the radio or do something else."

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