Watch Out for Charity Scams

Watch Out for Charity Scams Click to Enlarge Photo: Unsplash

(KNSI) - Many Minnesotans will be giving to charitable organizations during this holiday season, but experts say, you better watch out.

Tomas Tighe is the president of the nonprofit Direct Relief, says you need to be careful if you want to get your money to the right place.

"If you're in a position to make a charitable contribution, great, but spend a little time to make sure that the group that is involved in a cause you care about is doing the right thing with your money."

Tighe says it's normally best to deal directly with the charity you want to help, though you can also use well-known, reliable online payment services like PayPal, or Venmo.

Tighe says it's also good to first think carefully about how you want to spend your charitable money.

The website Charity Navigator gives ratings for different charities and organizations and breaks down where your money goes.