Waite Park Daycare Closing, Merging

Waite Park Daycare Closing, Merging Click to Enlarge Photo: Little Saints Academy/Facebook

(KNSI) - A daycare in Waite Park is closing, but parents will have a place to take their kids' thanks to an agreement with a daycare facility in St. Joseph.

Edu-Care Childcare and Preschool will shut its doors for good on Friday. Edu-Care was operated by St. Joseph Church in Waite Park.The church owns the building where the daycare operated, and has decided to use the building for another purpose.

Edu-Care will be merging with Little Saints Acadmey, 124 1st Avenue Southeast, St. Joseph.

Little Saints Owner Amy Bonfig says parents were told on Monday.

"It's heart-wrenching. Parents received a letter by email saying their childcare was closing. However, putting it out there like we did was necessary, so parents didn't arrive at a closed building."

Little Saints has gotten licensed to take all 32 kids from Edu-Care and a handful of new babies on the way. All of the full-time staff and most part-time workers will be offered jobs at Little Saints.

Amy says it really couldn't have worked out any better for the families.

"I'm really proud of everybody that works so hard to make this happen for the family. I'm proud of Edu-Care. I'm proud of Little Saints Acadmey that helped out and put rooms together and has everything ready to go for these families."

Little Saints Academy is holding an open house for new families on Tuesday evening from 4 PM to 7 PM. Parents can check out the facility and decide if they want to enroll.

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