Veterans Build Home Complete

Veterans Build Home Complete Click to Enlarge Photo: Bob Hughes

(KNSI) - Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity handed over the keys to their very first veterans build home Tuesday. An emotional Brandon Rogers says, "Being a disabled vet, living on a pension, and humbly, it's a blessing that God gave my family this so they can live, and live more." He was very choked up and said it was "hard to talk" and put into words what this house means to him and his wife, Kathi.

She says it has been several months of up and down, and the wait was long, but worth it.

"It was OK. Because we knew it was all in the Lord's time, and the Lord's will be done, so that's how we kind of looked at it. Now the last few months have been like, just all excited."

She and Brandon have lived in apartments for the last 29 years, and their apartment was half the square footage of their new home, which is 1,500 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Kathi says she's glad her daughter has her own bathroom and that the family doesn't have to share anymore.

Meghan was very happy the house was all finished and ready for them to move in. Her room is the biggest in the house, and is decked out in the same color scheme as her favorite show, "Glee".

"It just means, like, the world to me, because I've actually just been living in an apartment since I was little. I'm really excited for this new opportunity for me."

She says she can't wait to have her friends over to give them a tour.

The lot was donated, and Habitat for Humanity also raised $140,000 for the build. Donations for the second veterans build home are already being taken.