Two Reports Surface of Men Impersonating Police Officers

Two Reports Surface of Men Impersonating Police Officers Click to Enlarge Photo: Pixabay

(KNSI) - Authorities investigating two incidents where a man was believed to be impersonating an officer and was pulling vehicles over say the man was actually a cop.

The Clay County Sheriff says the alleged impersonator pulled over a vehicle in Becker County and one in Clay County on Monday night. Sheriff Mark Empting is calling on the man to turn himself in.

Upon further investigation, it turns out the man was a sworn Clay County Deputy Sheriff in a uniform and was driving a marked police car.

Investigators say they are looking into a similar incident in Becker County, which is 15 miles away and happened in the same week.

A woman says she was pulled over by a man who was driving a white Jeep and displayed red and blue flashing lights. He allegedly told her she had a broken taillight and asked her to get out of the car. She asked to see his ID and he got into his Jeep and drove away.

Police say if you are pulled over and are ever in doubt, ask to see their credentials, and if they can't produce them, call 911 and report the incident.