Two Contests Connected To Massive Pumpkin

Two Contests Connected To Massive Pumpkin Click to Enlarge Photo: St. Cloud Federal Credit Union

(KNSI) – A local credit union is asking the public to help name its 1,437-pound pumpkin.

St. Cloud Financial Credit Union, at 3030 First Street South in St. Cloud, is holding two contests with the giant pumpkin.

The first is coming up with a name for the massive pumpkin, and the second is a photo contest.

The credit union is asking people to send a picture of themselves with the pumpkin.

The winners will each get $250.

The giant pumpkin contests end on October 30, with winners selected on Halloween, at which time the pumpkin will have a name.

People are encouraged to stop by to visit.

The pumpkin was grown by the credit union’s Solutions Manager, Chris Qualley.

After joining the credit union, it quickly became common knowledge Qualley holds the record for the most massive pumpkin grown in Minnesota at 1,918.5 pounds.

When asked if he would grow a pumpkin for St. Cloud Financial Credit Union members, it was an immediate “yes!”

He says Minnesota is considered the best place in the world to raise giant pumpkins.