Thirteen-Year-Old Surpasses Goal for Alzheimer's

Thirteen-Year-Old Surpasses Goal for Alzheimer's Click to Enlarge Photo: Sara Pusc

(KNSI) - Ella Pusc has been raising money for the Alzheimer's Association in honor of her late great-grandmother since she was nine years old.

Each year she sets her goal a little higher.

This year, Ella wanted to reach her goal of $8,000 by holding a silent auction.

With the help of the community, the event brought in preliminary numbers of $10,100.

This is the highest amount she has raised in a single year.

Sara Pusc, Ella's mother, says she is "Overwhelmed with all of the generous people in [the] area, as well as family and friends that came out and supported her."

Since 2015, Ella has raised over $28,300.

To donate to Ella's fund, click here.

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