Stearns County Closing Medical Supply Donation Center

Stearns County Closing Medical Supply Donation Center Click to Enlarge Photo: Photo by H Shaw on Unsplash

(KNSI) - The donation center set up by Stearns County Public Health asking for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will close on Friday as a result of the governor's stay at home order.

The governor made the executive order on Wednesday afternoon, and it goes into place at midnight on Friday and will remain in place until April 10th.

Stearns County set up a donation center on Monday, asking residents to drop-off PPE equipment needed by the local healthcare community.

Items included surgical masks, N95's (respirators), goggles, face shields, and home-made masks and face shields, and scrubs.

Stearns County says residents have been very generous, and there have been a lot of donations.

Anyone who has items to donate needs to do so before 3:00 on Friday.

Call the Stearns/Benton County coronavirus hotline at 320-656-6625 or 1-877-782-5683 to get more information on how and where to donate.