Stearns County: 1,675 COVID-19 Cases and Ten Deaths

Stearns County: 1,675 COVID-19 Cases and Ten Deaths Click to Enlarge Photo: Unsplash

(KNSI) - Stearns, Benton, Sherburne, Morrison, and Wright Counties all saw an uptick in COVID-19 cases Saturday as the state tested a record 8,600 people.

New numbers today from the Minnesota Department of Health show Stearns County has 1,675 total positive COVID-19 cases and has now hit ten coronavirus related deaths.

Benton County saw an added five cases from Friday for a total of 122 with two deaths. Morrison County saw one additional case Saturday for a total of 24. Sherburne County is reporting a total of 144 cases and one death. Wright County also saw an additional 12 cases for a total of 152 with one death. Earlier this week, Wright County public health officials said they had a cluster infection in a business, but said it was low risk and they were not going to identify which business.

Statewide totals show a total of 14,969 positive COVID-19 cases, which is a jump of 740 from Friday. The MDH also said 17 more people died from coronavirus related complications, bringing the statewide death toll to 700. 568 of those deaths are from residents of long term care or assisted living facilities. Nine deaths have been removed from the statewide total because COVID-19 was listed as a cause of death for that person, but there was no positive test documented for that person. Health officials also said there were 11 cases removed from the statewide total. They say cases are removed for many reasons, including residence in another state, duplication of cases, and false-positive reports.

Health officials say there are 2,039 total hospitalizations reported with 493 people still in the hospital and 225 in the ICU.

There are also a total of 9,571 patients out of isolation.

To see the state’s COVID-19 situation update page, click here.