St. Cloud Shines on New Website

St. Cloud Shines on New Website Click to Enlarge

(KNSI) - Being new to an area can be confusing and uncertain, so, in the footsteps of the highly successful St. Cloud Shines social media campaign in 2019, St. Cloud Shines was launched Thursday with information on recreation, nightlife, diversity, housing, higher education, and job opportunities in the St. Cloud region.

Patty Gartland, President of the Greater St. Cloud Development Corp., told us how the website will benefit those new to the area:

“This is really kind of a new tool to help put information about our region in the hands of people who are contemplating, perhaps it’s a new job that they’re considering in this region or to go to school or to relocate to. This website, this portal, is intended to be that one-stop-shop for people who are looking for information about the region to be able to figure out is this a good fit for me and for that I am looking for in my life.”

The content is updated daily, sharing stories about great things going on in the Greater St. Cloud area. Gartland told how the website can help those looking for work:

“It hosts our job spot feature, which has, essentially, all jobs that are posted electronically posted get populated in this website. If you’re looking wanting to look at what job opportunities are available in this region, you can go to this one spot, and you’re going find there are about 5500 jobs posted there.”

St. Cloud Shines has links to the websites of cities and counties throughout the area, as well as to websites of chambers of commerce, tourism and economic development groups, and others.

For more information on the Greater St. Cloud Development Corp, or to check out the website, click here.