St. Cloud Nominated For Most Livable City

St. Cloud Nominated For Most Livable City Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI) - St. Cloud is in the running to be named one of the most livable cities in the world.

St. Cloud is the only American city nominated for the 2019 Livcom Awards. The competition is in Rome, Italy, on Wednesday and goes through Friday.

Mayor Dave Kleis talked with KNSI's Bob Hughes and said just making it to the finals makes St. Cloud a winner.

"Being one of the 21 cities out of 120 some cities is already a victory."

St. Cloud is competing against Tartu, Estonia, Jiangshan, China, and Douz, Tunisia, in its population category.

The city has been nominated as a finalist for the whole city award and its renewable energy initiatives. They include a methane conversion program at the wastewater treatment plant, replace downtown streetlights with energy-efficient LED lights, getting and other green energy initiatives.

Kleis said he and St. Cloud Metro Bus CEO Ryan Daniel will present on behalf of the city about the city's energy initiatives.

Kleis says the event a chance to get idea to make St. Cloud even better.

"It's a great opportunity to highlight St. Cloud, and probably the more important thing is the ability to learn what other cities are doing around the world. That I think it the highlight and that actually, for the most part, the purpose of it."

Those attending will pay their own way; no taxpayer money will fund any part of the trip.

St. Cloud has been a finalist at Livcom Awards four times since 2007.

In 2007, St. Cloud earned second place in the whole cities category and received an award for a project titled, Planning For the Future.

In 2009, St. Cloud earned a bronze medal in the whole cities category and was a finalist for a project titled, Eastman Regional Park (Lake George) Community Project.

In 2010, St. Cloud was a finalist for the whole cities category.

In 2012, St. Cloud was a finalist for a project titled, Investing in the Urban Landscape to Unite Community.

The other city finalists for 2019 awards for livable communities are:

Haapsalu, Estonia

Birgu, Malta

Kaposvar, Hungary

Larnaca, Cyprus

Jihlava, Czech Republic

Águeda, Portugal

Pirot, Serbia

Gdynia, Poland

Oulu, Finland

Bergen, Norway

Xicheng District, Beijing, China

Ambon, Indonesia

Vienna, Austria

Jinan, China

Lisbon, Portugal

Thane, India

Tirana, Albania

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