Senator Amy Klobuchar Visits St. Cloud

Senator Amy Klobuchar Visits St. Cloud Click to Enlarge Photo: Seth Coburn

(KNSI) - Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar joined executives from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota and the Minnesota Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs on a tour of the Southside Boys and Girls Club of St. Cloud Wednesday.

The Senator's visit was intended to highlight the Boys and Girls Clubs' work during the COVID-19 pandemic while underscoring the critical need to support nonprofit organizations facing increasing demands for their services.

During the visit, the group discussed how the Boys and Girls Clubs have adapted during the economic and public health crisis and continued meeting the needs of the children and families they serve. During the tour, Senator Klobuchar told us why she works tirelessly for the Boys and Girls Clubs and other nonprofits:

"I think that not everyone realizes how many people are working everyday still, going to work at hospitals, grocery stores. A lot of them have kids, and sometimes they have nowhere to for these kids to go, and that's what the Boys and Girls Clubs are about. But it's also about building relationships and self-worth and a future for these kids. And that's one of the things that was eye opening for me, is how many people are using this facility, how many kids, especially those of essential workers, and our healthcare workers are still coming here, and learning here, and having friends here. It's a lot harder to do all of that in a pandemic. The work must go on."

Klobuchar went on to tell KNSI how she is taking on this fight for nonprofits with her WorkNow Act:

"This work that we're doing to say, 'OK, we know we're going to get through this,' but in the meantime, we have a lot of people with needs; maybe we should be actually investing more in nonprofits so they can keep people on, and those people can help other people."

In May, Klobuchar introduced the WORK NOW Act that aims to create a $50 billion grant program to help nonprofit organizations retain their employees, scale their service delivery, and provide unemployed Americans with new jobs serving their communities.