SCSU Cuts Football, Golf

SCSU Cuts Football, Golf Click to Enlarge Photo: SCSU Huskies/Twitter

(KNSI) - St. Cloud State University says they are cutting their football program.

According to a press release obtained by KNSI, it says they are announcing changes to its intercollegiate athletics program to ensure Title IX compliance and to address the financial sustainability and success of the university and its teams.

Football, men's and women's golf, will be cut, but the release says they will be adding men's soccer.

This will take the overall athletic program offerings from 19 to 17 with six male and 11 female sports starting with the 2020 academic year.

The change impacts around 115 students, seven head and assistant coaches and two graduate assistant coaches.

School President Robbyn Wacker said the decision was difficult and it will have a profound impact on the student athletes, coaches, alumni and supporters.

The release says the way things were operating currently goes against the Title IX ruling against the school which was handed down in August.

Ten female student-athletes filed the suit after the school placed the women's tennis and Nordic ski teams on the chopping block, citing declining enrollment due to budget cuts, but did not offer any programs in their place.

A judge ruled that the school had for years failed to keep up with Title IX requirements.

The ruling also said the school lagged in developing new athletics programs for women and using "roster management" as a way to try to stay Title IX compliant.

Roster management involves increasing rosters for women's sports and cutting rosters for men's teams.

Title IX is a federal civil rights law mandating gender equity in public education, including athletics.

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