Ryan Electric Raises American Flag

Ryan Electric Raises American Flag Click to Enlarge Photo: Myah Christenson (KNSI)

(KNSI) - Ryan Electric's newest feature stands 100 feet tall and is just in time for the Fourth of July.

Ryan Mulliner, owner of Ryan Electric, decided he wanted the biggest American flag in the St. Cloud area to show pride for the country.

"I just hope people look at it and remember that it is a great country to live in and are proud to be here and fortunate," said Mulliner.

The flag itself is 20 by 38 feet and towers over the building. Tim Coil of Coil's Flags and Flagpoles built the flagpole and flag and watched in awe as their second biggest project reached the clouds.

Coil encourages the establishment of more American flags across St. Cloud.

"We can build them as big as people want them" Coil says.

Although Ryan Electric has the biggest flag in town, Mulliner wants more.

"I'd like to see a couple guys put up a bigger flag. I love the competition and I welcome it."

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