Rox Start Community Foundation

Rox Start Community Foundation Click to Enlarge Photo: Jake Judd (KNSI)

(KNSI) - A St. Cloud baseball team has started a new charitable foundation to help children in Central Minnesota.

It's called the Rox Project S.A.V.E Foundation.

St. Cloud Rox Corporate & Community Partnership Director Jim Loria says the foundation will raise money through corporate partnerships, private donations and fundraisers to help youth in the region.

"The foundation has a tremendous opportunity to be a difference maker, a teammate to the community, here in St. Cloud but also throughout Central Minnesota, the best part is it's us all together helping kids."

The money will be used to give grants, donations and scholarships to support youth in sports, arts, volunteerism and education initiatives.

Loria says the area has been great to them and he talked about why the team started the foundation.

"It's a duty, you need to give back, now it's our turn to go to their community, go to their park and give them back the same love they give us."

According to the foundation's website, they're aiming to raise and distribute $100 thousand dollars in grants each year. 100-percent of donations will be put back into the community.

The foundation will support eagle scout projects, will donate 1,000 backpacks to the Salvation Army and will help with the Salvation Army's school supplies drive.

The foundation will start other fundraiser and support other community projects throughout the years.

Rox Project S.A.V.E Foundation is a 501 C 3 initiative.

For more information or to donate, click here.