Police Warning of Minnesota Power Scam

Police Warning of Minnesota Power Scam Click to Enlarge Photo: Pixabay

(KNSI) - The Morrison County Sheriff's Office says they are getting reports of a scam surrounding an area power company.

Officials say someone is calling people in the area claiming they are with Minnesota Power, and threatening they will cut power to the home if the person doesn't pay off an outstanding bill.

Police say never to give out personal information like bank account or credit card numbers to anyone over the phone.

In one instance, someone called Minnesota Power, who confirmed it was a scam.

A press release from the Morrison County Sheriff's Office explains that it is common practice for scammers to use fear and sometimes threaten people. Scammers will use public information to appear legitimate; however, new scams are continuously being reported, so police say to stay vigilant and don't release personal information unless you have verified who you are speaking with.