Pacific Coast Wildfires Should Not Affect Our Air Quality

Pacific Coast Wildfires Should Not Affect Our Air Quality Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI) - Many people are concerned with the effects that Western wildfires may have on Minnesota's air quality.

Weather patterns will draw that smoke toward the Midwest, but that smoke will dissipate and pass over Minnesota, with little to no effect on your air quality, according to Eric Ahasic, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service Twin Cities office explains.

"All that smoke eventually makes its way east, across the country, and were seeing it overhead, right now. Those hazy skies you see right now; that's smoke from those fires out west. The good news for us, is that typically the farther you get from the source of the fire, the higher that smoke gets. So, we're really not anticipating any real air quality impacts at the surface, like they had out west."

Ahasic went on to say the MPCA is showing clear air quality forecasts for the foreseeable future.

"The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is the department that is responsible for the Air Quality forecasts across the state. Their forecasts are all for good air quality at this point. We're so far from the fires that its way up in the atmosphere. So it would be very rare for it to make it to the ground. It's really just going to lead to some colorful sunsets, and some murky skies at times."

For more information on possible effects on the air quality, or to see the updated Air Quality Forecast from MPCA, click here.