New Sartell High School Shapes Learning Styles

New Sartell High School Shapes Learning Styles Click to Enlarge Photo: Myah Christenson (KNSI)

(KNSI) - Over the past week, KNSI has been taking a look at the new Sartell High School building. This week, we explore how the new building is shaping student's education.

The 300,000 square foot building has a variety of new facilities, technology, and space to accommodate student's needs in a different style of learning.

"We want to prepare kids for a different type of learning and the space that we have in this building allows us to differentiate what we teach to all our kids, and teach it in a different way," said Superintendent Jeff Schweibert.

The Sartell school district is making an active effort to switch from a traditional teaching style to a style that helps students learn in a variety of ways.

"The biggest difference in this building is we're trying to give enough space so that there can be more active learning where students aren't in a sit and get type of mode, where through our technology or through the actual space in the room, kids can learn in a multitude of different ways."

One of the ways the district is accommodating students is by adding more learning spaces.

"There's a lot of small and medium-sized group rooms. Even in the large spaces, there's a lot of little cubbies where kids can go to work together to basically learn in a style that's more accommodating to what our younger generation is being exposed to."

Officials have suggested the new building has a similar style to a college campus.

"We know we can't just teach kids one thing and that's all they're going to need to know. They need to know how to think on their feet, how to work in groups, be creative, and we think this building helps facilitate that."

Stay tuned as KNSI explores the new facilities.