New High School Welcomes Students

New High School Welcomes Students Click to Enlarge Photo: Jake Judd (KNSI)

(KNSI) - School started Tuesday morning across the state, but for students at St. Cloud Tech High School it's a special first day as they get their first look at the new building.

Paige is a freshman at the school and told KNSI's it's a lot bigger than South Junior High, "It's big and nice. I was surprised at how big it is and how nice it is. It's huge and different."

Hannah, also a freshman, says she's nervous and excited about starting class in the new school.

"It's bigger than South, and it's a brand-new school with a lot of new people. I'm glade opportunities I get a lot of newer opportunities with the bigger gym, the pool, and everything else."

Students we spoke with on Tuesday morning said they are looking forward to exploring their new school and are excited about all the opportunities the school offers.

Principal Charlie Eisenreich says he's excited for the students to get a look at their new school.

"To be able to come into a facility like this with so many opportunities, so many possibilities for them. It's a good feeling. It has been a long process, but we're finally home."

He says to have a 320-thousand square foot building put up in roughly two years, is a great feeling.

He says he's happy for the community, happy for everyone at the school, but in particular, he's happy for the students.

Ninth grade students started on Tuesday, and the rest of the high school will start class on Wednesday.

The district started construction on the 83.5-million-dollar school in August of 2017.