Neighbors Identify Four People Killed in Triple Murder-Suicide

Neighbors Identify Four People Killed in Triple Murder-Suicide Click to Enlarge Photo: Facebook

(AP/KNSI) - The house in Minneapolis where four people died in an apparent domestic attack was occupied by a recently divorced mother and her two sons, according to a neighbor who said he helped the woman shovel snow from her driveway just hours before she was killed.

Reports say David Schladetzky arrived at his ex-wife's home in the 27-hundred block of Oakland Avenue on Sunday to pick up their sons. He allegedly met eight-year-old Nelson and eleven-year-old William on the porch armed with a firearm and gunned the boys down in the front yard as they tried to run from him. Schladetzky then went inside and shot his ex-wife Kjersten and himself as police converged on the scene.

Erik Wiltscheck, who lives next door, told the Star Tribune that he was walking home from a store around 10 a.m. when he heard the boys screaming and saw them running out their front door, followed by the sound of shots.

Officers arrived and found the children shot outside the home. Police put them in squad cars and took them to a safe location where they were met by paramedics, but both children were pronounced dead, police said.

According to divorce documents, David Schladetzky, 53, sought a divorce from Kjersten Schladetzky, 39, in November 2018. The divorce was finalized last June. The couple had been married since February 2006. The divorce filing said David Schladetzky was unemployed at the time but had prior food service experience and had been a stay-at-home dad for the past five years. His petition for a divorce cited an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage but did not elaborate.

Anna Pratt, a friend of Kjersten’s, told The Associated Press that Kjersten had previously worked as a box office manager at Hennepin Theatre Trust and that she met David at the theater, where he worked in concessions.

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