More Details On Vote For St. Cloud Road Projects

More Details On Vote For St. Cloud Road Projects Click to Enlarge Photo: KNSI News

(KNSI) - St. Cloud officials are giving more details on a proposed vote to use the city-wide sales tax to relieve road congestion in parts of the city.

St. Cloud has asked the Legislature to allow the city to use the half-cent sales tax to make improvements to 3rd Street North to expand the road to four lanes and connect Highway 10 and Highway 15. The funds would also connect Traverse Road across Roosevelt Road to 16th Street South, make upgrades to County Road 136 between 33rd Street South and 12th Street South, and make improvements to Lincoln Avenue Southeast around Highway 23.

Mayor Dave Kleis was a guest of KNSI's Bob Hughes and said it's not fair to force property taxpayers to cover the cost for improvements.

"Especially in the area of congestion because most of that the users are not necessarily paying property tax. We're a regional center so, our population goes from 68,000 to over 170,000 everyday single day people come to work, shop, and to play."

Mayor Kleis says the projects would be listed on the ballot individually.

"Voters won't just vote on all of them. They'll vote one by one on those projects, including the Municipal Athletic Complex. That's been a project that's been in the works for a number of years. We're looking to upgrade that."

The cost of all four projects is around $77 million. According to an engineers report from the city, the 3rd street project would cost about $24 million, connecting Traverse Road to 16th Street south through Roosevelt Road is estimated at $22 million, County Road 136 improvements would be around $12.5 million, and Lincoln Avenue about $18.6 million.

St. Cloud wants to make $24.3 million in improvements to the MAC, which would include a two-story 27,000 square foot addition to the hockey arena, replacement of Dick Putz Field, and upgrades to Joe Faber Field.

The city is asking the state for $16.2 million and would come up with the remaining $8.1 million.

The state Legislature convenes on February 11th and has to approve the projects before they can be placed on the November ballot.