The Milk Man is Back in Town

The Milk Man is Back in Town Click to Enlarge Photo: Submitted Photo

(KNSI) - The days of the milkman seemed to be a thing of the past, until now.

A new business is in town delivering milk, eggs, pizza, bread and other locally-made products to area residents. It's called Dairy 2 U and it's the brain child of owner Brad Hagfors.

“Dairy2U is for busy, health-conscious people who want essential items free of preservatives delivered when they want them,” said Hagfors. “You might think of us as the Amazon of Dairy. The fact that customers are also helping support the small farmers and shop owners who produce these products is just an added bonus.”

Dairy2U has just begun delivering milk, eggs, pizza, bread and other locally-made products to area residents. While that may sound like what an old-fashioned milkman did, Dairy2U’s difference is that it carries only farm-fresh and locally-produced products, uses online ordering and delivers twice each weekday with the assistance of the Food Dudes delivery service.

Dairy2U takes “locally-produced” to a new level. Its hormone-free milk from grass-fed cows and slow-churned butter products come from Stony Creek Dairy in Melrose; its cage-free eggs from a small farm in town; its bread products from Backwards Bread Company in St. Cloud; Harry’s Pizza is made in Elrosa.

Dairy2U provides its customers planned, recurring deliveries. Customers place orders at Dairy2U.com, pay with a credit card and schedule a delivery. Customers can also have orders delivered to their work location.

Those seeking additional information, or to set up a delivery program, are invited to visit www.Dairy2U.com or call 320-230-MILK

Hagfors said teaming with Food Dudes ensures prompt delivery, since Dairy2U’s morning and mid-afternoon weekday deliveries are at times that don’t conflict with Food Dudes’ lunch and dinner deliveries. The delivery service area includes the cities and immediate suburbs of St. Cloud, Sauk Rapids, Sartell, St. Augusta, St. Joseph and Waite Park.