MDH Releases New Sports Guidance

MDH Releases New Sports Guidance Click to Enlarge Photo: Pixabay

(KNSI) - The Minnesota Department of Health has released updated guidance for community sports teams.

The MDH says outdoor teams can start playing scrimmages again on June 24th, but indoor sports will have to wait until July 1st.

In the guidance, the MDH says on July 24th, teams should play scrimmages as part of a practice, and after two weeks, teams should look at playing against only local communitiy, local club, or local organization teams.

After a further two weeks, teams can consider expanding beyond their local community but are urged to consider COVID-19 case activity in those communities when making travel decisions.

The MDH says when picking a venue to play, teams should consider if the space is large enough to ensure social distancing and adhere to capacity guidance.

They also suggest that friends and family should not attend practices to prevent crowding.

Spectators present at games or practices must follow social distancing policies, follow any guidelines the host facility has outlined, and wear face coverings if the facility requires it.

Read the full MDH COVID-19 Sports Guidance here.