Mayor Urges Social Distancing, Says Drinking Water Safe

Mayor Urges Social Distancing, Says Drinking Water Safe Click to Enlarge Photo: City of St. Cloud

(KNSI) - St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis is encouraging everyone to continue to follow social distancing guidelines during his daily COVID-19 response briefing for the city.

Mayor Dave Kleis he's seen people practicing the government's recommendation to keep six feet of separation first hand.

"People are responding and operating under those guidelines. The social distancing guidelines that the CDC has come out with, and it's important."

Kleis says the government is using social distancing because of the lessons learned in other countries when one community acted right away, and others didn't.

"You saw a huge spike. It was overwhelming the health care system. At the same time that those first indications that there was an issue there, another province in Italy actually implemented social distancing. They did not see the spike that took place in the other province."

The mayor also asked people to be respectful of others and to stop hoarding supplies.

"The grocery supply chain is not disrupted, and it will not be disrupted, so there is no need to go a hoard and buy and do other things you would normally not due. Because when you do that, you put a strain on that system, and for those who do not have those supplies, that creates the issue."

St. Cloud Public Utilities Director Tracey Hodel also spoke at the press conference and said the city water supply is ready for this pandemic.

"The main message I want to share is our drinking water is safe. We have certified water/wastewater experts working around the clock to make sure you have safe drinking water and reliable water and wastewater services."

She says they have a couple of ways of making sure the water is safe.

"The two biggest processes that we have in place that offer that protect and removal of viruses are filtration and disinfection. The filtration process is removing all the solids, and so it makes that disinfection process more effective in the system."

Medical experts say the coronavirus is very easy to kill with soap and water.