Man Charged With Stalking

Man Charged With Stalking Click to Enlarge Photo: Stearns County Jail

(KNSI) - A Waite Park man is accused of stalking a man he says is using DEA satellites to "mess with him."

Police say a man reported he had received a harassing phone call from Gregory James Lange while at work in St. Cloud on Wednesday. The man is a retired St. Cloud Police Officer. He has a no contact order against Lange until 2067.

According to the criminal complaint, Lange admitted to calling the man and saying he was going to “sue” him for using the satellites to interfere with his mind.

Investigators say when they went to interview Lange he had a hat made of tin foil with him to help block the satellite.

Police say a search of Lange’s internet history turned up a search for stun guns, just prior to him calling the man.

He’s been charged with two felony counts of stalking.

Lange is being held on $400,000 bond. His next court appearance is set for May 14th.

The complaint states that Lange has been harassing the man repeatedly since February 21st, 2012 when he drove a vehicle through the man’s garage door. He was convicted of felony stalking and served less than six months in jail (173 days).

On September 9th, 2015, Lange set fire to the man’s electrical box in front of his home and on May 7th, 2016, Lange called the victim while he was on vacation.

He was sentenced on July 19th, 2016, to three years and one month in prison and given credit for 258 days already served for both incidents.

Lange was released from prison on September 28th.