Level Three Sex Offender Moving To St. Cloud

Level Three Sex Offender Moving To St. Cloud Click to Enlarge Photo: St. Cloud Police Department

(KNSI) - A level three sex offender is moving to St. Cloud.

The police department will be holding an informational meeting in April about Michael Paul Henson. The date and time haven't been set yet.

The 48-year-old will be moving to the 100-block of 12th Avenue North on April 16th.

According to the police department, Henson sexually assaulted two girls who were not known to him.

Henson gained access to each victim on separate occasions while in public, at retail stores.

He exposed himself to one child and sexually touched another child.

Law enforcement says Henson has served his time and isn't a wanted man.

Level three predatory offenders are considered the most likely to re-offend and are under the most supervision after their release.

The St. Cloud Police Department will be holding a community notification meeting that will be posted online at www.ci.stcloud.mn.us/694/Police during the week of 4/13/2020.

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