Lawmaker Wants to Increase Age To Marry

Lawmaker Wants to Increase Age To Marry Click to Enlarge Photo: Pixabay

(KNSI) – A local lawmaker plans to reintroduce a bill to change the legal age people could get married in Minnesota.

St. Cloud Senator Jerry Relph introduced the Marriage by Minors Authorization Provisions Elimination bill.

As it stands now, 16-year-olds can marry with their parent’s permission.

Sen. Relph thinks that needs to change.

“My basic premise is very simple. I think 18 is probably a good starting point. We at 18 say you have the power to contract. You have the power to vote. You have the power to join the military. There are all kinds of things that we scribe to the age of 18.”

He was a guest on KNSI’s Ox in the Afternoon with Dan “The Ox” Ochsner.

The law would increase the age a person could get married at from 16 to 18.

He says that changing the law will help younger people get a chance to remain a teen.

“younger children, when they have kids, that’s harder on them, they tend to drop out of school. There tends to be a lot of adverse consequences.”

He says the law could help deter arranged marriages and would stop younger women from being forced to marry older men.