JWRC Giving Halloween Safety Tips

JWRC Giving Halloween Safety Tips Click to Enlarge Photo: Associated Press

(KNSI) - As kids get ready to run all over town next week for Halloween, the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center is passing along some tips to parents to keep it a safe and fun night.

Abbey Lowenstein is the Community Engagement Coordinator for the center and gave told KNSI News her most important tip.

"Travel in a neighborhood you know. We just think that is probably the best way to keep everybody safe because you know your neighborhood, you know your neighbors, you know the things to be concerned about, and that's across the board."

It's important to wear reflective clothing, carry a flashlight, never enter a home or vehicle.

Kids also need to check in frequently with their parents, so they know where they are just in case there's a problem or emergency.

She says although some kids might stay out too late on Halloween, missing kids aren't a major concern during the holiday.

Lowenstein says it's rare to hear about instances of candy being tampered with, but it's still important for parents to inspect bags after trick-or-treating.

"You do want to check your children's treats to make sure none of them are spoiled or open. We're much more concerned about those kinds of safety issues than we are about tampering."

The JWRC says it's important to talk to your kids about safety all year round.

Halloween is next Thursday, October 31st.

For more Halloween safety information, click here to see a webinar put together by the JWRC.

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