Influenza Still a Bigger Threat Than Coronavirus

Influenza Still a Bigger Threat Than Coronavirus Click to Enlarge Photo: CDC via Unsplash

(KNSI) - With the winter travel season here, many travelers may be worried about coronavirus. Still, medical experts are saying influenza is a bigger threat.

Dr. Ken Redcross says there is one thing people can do to protect themselves, and it has nothing to do with needles.

"What we tend to do is we touch surfaces, not knowing that there's something potentially on there, and we wipe our eyes, our nose, our mouth, and that's a problem."

He says that's because we could be introducing the virus to our bodies.

Dr. Redcross adds drinking plenty of water, managing stress, and getting enough sleep can all boost the immune system.

"Stress increases our risk not just for the flu virus, but for other viruses as well. The other part of that is we're not getting a lot of sleep during that time when we're kind of getting ready to go. Sleep is important because sleep actually helps our body to heal."

So far this flu season, 43 people have died from influenza-related complications.