Groundbreaking Held For Sartell Company

Groundbreaking Held For Sartell Company Click to Enlarge Photo: Jake Judd (KNSI)

(KNSI) - Governor Tim Walz was in Sartell on Tuesday as a printing company broke ground on a new expansion.

Toppan Merrill is building a 70,000 square foot addition onto their production facility at 300 11th Avenue Northeast.

They'll be closing down a St. Cloud facility and moving the employees and operations to the expanded building.

The $10 million project includes 56,000 feet of warehouse space and 14,000 square feet of office space to be added onto the current 100,000 square foot building. The project has been in the planning phase for almost three years.

Vice President of Operations Mike Zimny has worked for the company ever since they came to Sartell in 2001 and says this expansion is a huge deal for the company.

"From an investment standpoint, there's nothing that has even been close to this before and it's not only the biggest opportunity, it's the most exciting one for our employees."

Toppan Merrill is a world leader in printing for corporations, healthcare providers and financial services.

Zimny says the new building will allow the company to change with the times.

"We used to just kind of be print, pick and pack items. Now, it's taking confidential information, combining it with personalized materials, it's a much more directed message than we used to provide to customers. And so, now having it all under one roof is a big advantage."

They print things like medical insurance cards, financial information and other documents for businesses.

The move will allow Toppan Merrill to expand its customer base and add an additional 40 employees over the next three years.

Zimny says if all goes well; the company could be looking at another 60,000 square foot addition in the next five years.

Governor Walz says the decision for Toppan Merrill to expand in the region is good for the state's economy.

"We always are looking at attracting new folks but I'm not interested in chasing my tale for an Amazon distribution center, or whatever, when we have folks that have been creating jobs in Sartell and Central Minnesota for a long time."

He says jobs like the ones at Toppan Merrill build a community.

"I think it's exciting when you talk about freedoms, one of the best freedoms that we have is the ability to choose to raise your family where you want to and if there aren't good paying jobs you can't do that."

The warehouse being built on the north side of the building should be finished in November and the office on the south side of the building in April of 2020.