GOP Convention Reschedued For Saturday

GOP Convention Reschedued For Saturday Click to Enlarge Photo: Republican Party of Minnesota

(KNSI) - The Republican Party of Minnesota will hold its virtual convention for a second time after potentially malicious interference with voting software stopped the convention earlier this month.

The state GOP Party will hold the event on Saturday.

Party officials say the system remains secure and that the system's integrity and process have not been compromised. They say there was an unprecedented spike in volume that cannot be attributed to "normal use of any kind."

Party officials didn't say if they determine the source of the issues.

This year's convention was to be held in Rochester, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's online this year.

Business at the convention includes endorsing a U.S. Senate candidate, electing national delegates and their alternates, and the nomination of a presidential elector and alternate elector.