Girl Scouts Still Selling Cookies

Girl Scouts Still Selling Cookies Click to Enlarge Photo: Unsplash

(KNSI) - The COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to almost everything, including Girl Scout cookie sales.

Tammy Freeze, with the Minnesota River Valley Girl Scout Council people can still buy cookies, even though door to door sales have stopped.

"You can get Girl Scout cookies online and have them directly shipped to your home."

Freeze says you can also gift them to someone.

"And there are opportunities to actually donate cookies to first responders, military support organizations, and also, the folks that are on the front lines for the COVID-19 pandemic."

She says she has seen people buy cookies to send to hospitals and clinics as well as to food shelves for treats.

"We know that food shelves are very front and center right now with more and more folks that are depending on food shelves all throughout our country, more than ever before."

Cookie sales make up a huge chunk of funding troops need for camps and other projects, and Freeze says they're looking at what stopping the door to door sales has done for their budgets. That money is also used to help girls who want to go to camp and take part in activities, but their families may not have the means to do so.

"That is going to be very impactful. We're anticipating that's going to be used like never before. We want to make sure that everyone is being very rest assured that girl scouting will be going strong. We will continue to support that programming that is really needed."

Freeze says councils are meeting virtually for now, and decisions will be made soon as to whether or not camps will be offered this summer.

You can buy and send cookies now by clicking here.