Fundraiser Set For Wetterling Documentary

Fundraiser Set For Wetterling Documentary Click to Enlarge Photo: Jacob Wetterling Resource Center

(KNSI) - A documentary about the Wetterling abduction is debuting the trailer in Jacob's hometown of St. Joseph as a fundraiser to help finish the movie.

Producer-Director Chris Newberry with why he decided to pick this infamous case as a project.

"I grew up in Minnesota so, like a lot of Minnesotans I was really touched by the story. I was 14 years old when Jacob was taken and it's something that really stuck with me over the years."

The Minnetonka native contacted the Wetterlings in the summer of 2015 and all sides agreed to start filming in the fall.

"Just as we were about to roll on our first interview, I got the call that someone had been arrested so, all of the sudden here we were with the biggest break in the case in decades, and we started rolling camera that weekend and haven't stopped since."

Newberry says the film is now ready for editing and they're looking for money to help finish the movie.

Newberry and his team are hosting a Trailer Release Party fundraiser to offer attendees an exclusive first look at the film - before it's available to the wider public.

Patty Wetterling will join the filmmakers for an exclusive look into the work-in-progress, followed by a Q&A at Bad Habit Brewing in St. Joseph on Monday May 6th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event has been sold out.

To donate to help bring the film to completion, click here.

In October, 2015, Danny Heinrich was arrested as a person of interest in the case.

In September 2016, after he led authorities to Jacob's remains, Heinrich confessed to killing Jacob the night he was taken in October of 1989.