Flag Raising Debuts State's Tallest Flagpole, Recognizes 9/11

Flag Raising Debuts State's Tallest Flagpole, Recognizes 9/11 Click to Enlarge Photo: Dene Dryden

(KNSI) - Minnesota's new tallest flagpole debuted at Miller Marine in St. Cloud today with an early morning flag raising ceremony.

Led by Tim Coil of Coil Flags and Flagpoles, volunteers from the American Legion and other helpers unfurled the 30-by-60-foot United States flag in the Miller Marine parking lot. As the process of hooking the flag to the pole began, a speaker played renditions of the National Anthem. After the flag was hoisted to its full height, it was brought to half-staff to recognize 9/11.

It was an emotional moment to Tom Miller, owner of Miller Marine.

"When they were putting up and I was looking up at it, and I was saluting it, I got tears in my eyes," Miller said.

At 160 feet tall, the flagpole reaches higher than two other St. Cloud area flagpoles that once held the title of tallest in the state. It is the largest flagpole Coil Flags and Flagpoles has created, Coil said.

"To be able to have the biggest flagpole in the state of Minnesota represented here in a local business is just awesome," Coil said. "And to have the crowd that we have here this morning show up in support to help, it just tells you what our country is made of."

Miller said he didn't realize it would be the tallest flagpole in the state when he initially decided to put up one big flag outside of the business instead of flags on every light pole.

"We just decided to do something a little different this time, with the country and everything that's going on," Miller said.

At the flag raising, St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis gave remarks.

"This is impressive, and it's something that is so important that we honor our nation - a symbol of that, our flag," Kleis said.