Five Years Cancer Free, Leighton Interactive Employee Celebrates in a Big Way

Five Years Cancer Free, Leighton Interactive Employee Celebrates in a Big Way Click to Enlarge Photo: Leighton Interactive

(KNSI) - Five years ago, Leighton Interactive Technical Marketing & Support Lead Travis McGinnis felt something might be off.

He was having bizarre thoughts, a pins and needles sensation in his head and finally lost his ability to speak.

A month later, at an annual physical, Travis's doctor found a fist-sized tumor in his brain. Further testing revealed it was cancer.

After several aggressive rounds of treatment, Travis found the tumor had shrunk and eventually disappeared. He tells KNSI's Bob Hughes going through cancer treatment at the age of 30 taught him a very important lesson.

"It's kind of a cliche. Everyone says this, but, I don't take as much for granted as I used to. It's easy to be like, 'I'll always be here,' but then I had that brush with death, literally, and I was like, 'This is pretty fragile stuff here.'"

So, what did Travis do while he was receiving cancer treatment? He went to work.

Not a day goes by that someone at work 'doesn't mention 'Travis' brain but in the academic and proficiency-sense, not the cancer-sense.

'There's also never a day, and usually, never even an hour one of his coworkers doesn't say, "I 'can't figure it out. Ask Travis." Or, "Hmmm. That sounds like a question for Travis." Or simply, "WHERE IS TRAVIS?"

Next week, Travis will celebrate five years since his cancer diagnosis by speaking about the work he is doing with Leighton Interactive at the INBOUND conference in Boston. Thirty-five thousand people from all over the world will also be there.

Maybe because 'he's a marketer or a communicator by trade, or perhaps he was prompted by someone medically. Travis kept a journal before, during, and after his brain cancer diagnosis. This practice would prove beneficial as he wrote and published his first book, "The Tale of the Fist Sized Hole."

What is he doing with his time while he's not journaling, writing a book, or being the go-to problem solver for Leighton Interactive?

"I try and spend more time with my wife and my kids and focus on doing what I love, which is being here with my colleagues and coworkers and go home to my family and just spend time with them too. Life's too short to be unhappy."

This article was co-written with Leighton Interactive Content Services Manager Alison Schroeder.

Read her blog about Travis by clicking here.

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