Expert: Let Car Warm Up In Cold Weather

Expert: Let Car Warm Up In Cold Weather Click to Enlarge Photo: Jake Judd (KNSI)

(KNSI) - Bone-chilling cold not only cuts right through you, it's also taxing on your vehicle.

Granite City Tire and Auto owner Chad Niezgocki talked with KNSI's Bob Hughes about keeping your transportation going this time of year.

"The easiest thing to do when it gets into temperatures like this is to put in some type of engine heater, it really helps not only your vehicle start but avoids some of that wear and tear."

Chad says that it's essential to warm up your vehicle before driving, but it doesn't take the engine as long as you might think to get ready.

"The engine runs most efficient after only a minute or so, that's all it really needs to run, but then there's the creature comfort side of things."

He says most people run their vehicles until they start to feel warm air through the heater.

Chad says to make sure you've been doing frequent oil changes.

"Every year, we see at least three or four-engine failures just due to the basic lack of maintenance of changing your oil every three to five thousand miles."

He adds you want to make sure your battery has cold-cranking amps.

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