Downtown Lofts Open to Renters

Downtown Lofts Open to Renters Click to Enlarge Photo: Myah Christenson (KNSI)

(KNSI) - The Loft Condominiums in downtown St. Cloud will now be available for rent.

With vacant storefronts lining the streets, the community is working toward revitalizing downtown St. Cloud, starting with The Loft Condominiums.

"You have to adjust to what the demands are, what the economy is like and what the trends are," said Developer Rod Lindquist.

The adjustment includes rentable condos.

"We are going to start to rent them, we haven't been doing that before... It's going to be market rate, so it'll be the same kind of demographic that's renting it."

Developers broke ground in 2015 and began selling the condos in 2017. Two years later the condos are now for rent.

"It's on the right track... We're happy about it."